Interviewing the Makers

Thanks to the partnership with Ulaola and DaWanda we have decided to gather some of the best examples of creative artisans that have participated at the Italian Makers Village.

Here are the interviews of two designers, Clara Pozzetti and Ivan De Angelis, who believed in the project and who showed their enthusiasm. We made them tell us where their production happens and share with us their future projects.

Can you say you have transformed your passion into a profession? If yes, how did you do it?

Clara Pozzetti) I started working on projects very early thanks to a great teacher that I met in highschool. At 14 I had my own imprinting, starting right there and then at a very young age. Like this, later on, I found myself with a profession, deep down I have always done this even if in different shapes with multidisciplinary projects.

Ivan De Angelis) Being able to do the thing you love is a fortune but it obviously takes a lot of work. In my case, it wasn’t born as my main activity. My main job is being an architect, in my free time I dedicate myself to this project born just one year ago initially out of professional need. I had to create artistic furniture for an artistic stand at a fair with a limited budget and limited time. Where I could I tried to produce just to overcome these demands. The result was good, I had fun and from there I created a small collection dedicating my time in the winter of 2014 and perfecting them in technique and design. This spring I begin promoting them through associations and presence, among them the Italian Makers Village.

What is special about your product and what type of acknowledgement do you get from your clients?

CP) We follow very different projects with each client, I speak in plural because even though I have a small studio I have partners. Deep down everyone has a method, we project different things but they are all based on concepts and the same methodology. I use geometry, foundations of proportions and prime geometric shapes, respect of the rapport between full and empty. We also do visual communication and we transport it in the product or in a set up. We try to follow an ethical and sustainable project from all points of view, with a geometrical and methodological approach, including the use of research materials in the innovative production.

IDA) They are functional products, simple with details that make them precious and diverse. Everyone recycles materials, the important thing is the element that makes them different. Some can be from series and some can be one of a kind. Each product is made by hand, some just by me, others are supported by artisans with precise techniques. The main designs are made just by me.

What has been your greatest satisfaction and what are your next objectives?

CP) For the future we have a very interesting project that was born not long ago. A fashion business contacted us to create their new FW 2016 collection, for both men and women. It is a project that we have wanted to try for a very long time and we are very satisfied! It will be interesting to see how from the designs – designers not from that specific fashion sector- will communicate with this collection. The business is Italian, therefore we are talking about a made in Italy. Then there will be the implementation of the online sales site, which for us is absolutely fundamental.

IDA) A moment that has given me great satisfaction was selling a small table to a man from London that contacted me via email. He wanted it to be similar to mine but more like one that he had seen somewhere else. My first idea was altered and together we created a new product which I baptized John Steal like the name of the buyer. His satisfaction made me happy: I didn’t sell a product but an emotion. In 2016 I hope to expand my production and I aspire to obtain the official  “Made in Italy” and “Made by Hand” recognitions.




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