Restaurant Solatium

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In the grounds of the Italian Makers Village, by the encounter of the best artisan demonstration coming from highly qualified businesses, arrives Solatium, the restaurant managed by 053 srl and introduced as the place to experience a restaurant tradition of over 53 years.

Inspired by the Latin word “conforto”, the restaurant proposes an excellent cuisine and a wide variety of wines. In the search for raw materials, the creation of the menu, the wine selection, the decision of the restaurant style, in a successful exchange of experiences and ideas, the restaurant team was effectively put together by the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, SlowFood direct subsidiary.

The heart of the place is the open plan kitchen, where chef Sandro Mesiti proposes a rich menu with regional specialties in constant rotation. Diverse guest chefs will then propose their own specialties according to a calendar of events and regional tastings that will take place in the afternoon hours, at a dedicated show cooking. The wine cellar deserves special attention, designed and created by the Wine Bank of UNISG, creator of the event “Slow Wine” which will be held in Milan at the end of October, chooses and proposes to the restaurant clients an excellent rotation of prime labels, all worth trying!

Open daily

Lunch 13 – 15
Caffeteria / Wine Bar 15 – 18
Happy hour 18 – 20
Dinner 20 – 23

Tel. 02. 39 81 40 12