Craftmanship that generates well-being


So many are the appointments of the week that concludes the great adventure of the Italian Makers Village, promoted by Confartigianato for Expo. A week completely dedicated to well-being in all the senses, with a well-rounded panorama of being well and feeling good with yourself and with others.

Well-being in music and harmony. It is thanks to the presence of the Cremona Lutist, that the IMV will be able to be proud of a unique excellence in the field of music and harmony. To learn more about this art, people will have to possibility of experiencing the exhibit “From the tree to the violin” dedicated to contemporary lutist, which, with a work station will propose a live lutist laboratory: between work station, equipment, scribbles, chisel, limes and rasps, We will be witnesses of the creation of some musical instruments. There will be numerous musical instruments exhibited that will be there to be played and tried.

Well-being & beauty The Well-Being area will offer free demonstrations of pranotherapy, shiatsu, naturopathy and many more. A different way to live and think about Well-Being of the soul and body discovering antique tastes still used in our time and in our way of life. Experts and workers of diverse fields will be available to answer curiosities, information, and many other things. There will also be the cosmetics business with interesting proposals. To continue with the Beauty theme, a tribute to an icon from all times, the exhibit of “Marilyn the myth”, dedicated to the timeless Marilyn Monroe!

Do my hair and take a selfie! Particular and unique occasion for those who want to “play” with their look! How many hair styles remind us of characters from the past and the present? How many hair styles and what colors make us remember, with a flash, a character? This is the goal of this creative initiative proposed with a “do my hair and take a selfie”, during the week of well-being.

Artisans: a world to color In the last week, here’s a  new project that focuses its attention in the artisan worlds in a path of “transferring the knowledge” to the world of the little ones.

The Artisan Part musketeer part artisan, he will comment on the news that we usually hear on the news or read in the newspapers. Naturally, he will do it his way, with a big smile, drawing his sword or with a kneel, if the news are good for the world of craftsmanship or vice versa.

Well-being in game With “ludicartemente” you will be able to discover games in a fun box, riddles, puzzles, role playing and expressive and creative laboratories as an instrument to generate well-being in the child and the adult. Games help improve communication between people: you play, you are together, you challenge each other, you have fun with pleasure and entertainment.


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