An exhibit that tells about Leonardo’s sluices


The exhibition of “The renovation of the sluices of Leonardi da Vinci. The art of knowing-how-to by the master artisan of renovation” will be a trip to the discovery of the work by the genius who thought and designed Milan’s Canals.

Leonardo’s project consisted in connecting the Martesana Canal to the internal chain of canals through two sluices, at San Marco and at Incoronata; this way it would have been possible to cut through the city through water and, in prospective, join the Adda to the Ticino. Notice Leonardo’s original idea: to use the the lower gate, manipulated at Alzaia, to decrease or increase the water flow (illustrated in the Atlantic Code).

From the old Canal system remain visible just three: the Big Canal and the Pavia Canal, joined by the Darsena, and the Martesana Canal in the north-east of the city. All of the other Canals were slowly covered up starting the 800s until the 1930s  when the internal chain was completely covered. The restoration operations began with the removal of the four sluices (from Incoronata and the pipes of San Marco) and transported to two structures where the project would be executed, Cantù for the “small” sluice and Nova Milanese for the “big” sluice.


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