A special event about wellbeing and nutrition

UntitledThe event planned by  Confartigianato Benessere is dedicated to wine, great Italian production of excellence, to value the close relationship between wellbeing and nutrition, both polysensorial fields, with the common goal of “being healthy”, geared to young ones, future professionals on the fields including hairstyles, esthetics, and white art to be precise.

The raw material for the work will be the grape, which will represent the theme of the total look created by the beauty school students , who will be inspired by images of local women’s paintings related to wine to recreate the explosion of colors and volumes. It will be the grape bunch that will suggest the color of the dress, make-up and hairstyle.

Simultaneously, future bread makers will perform in the production of natural levitating white art products with mother dough made with grape must, which gives the product the characteristic, particular flavor that will be offered in the tasting.

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